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Why is maths so important?

On Friday, lots of parents came for a short talk about the importance of maths to children’s lives.  After the talk, parents went into classes to take part in a maths lesson with their children.  It was a great event, and we would like to thank all the parents who came for giving up their time.  For those who couldn’t come, the information has been put onto the parents’ pages that can be found on the maths tab on the website.


P4C – Inter-School Debating Project

Last week, Childwall Primary School sent a group of children for an ‘open debate’ with the pupils who attend our Debating Club.  This was the second time that the schools had got together, after linking up for a trip to parliament earlier in the year.  The motion that the children discussed was whether children such as themselves should be given the use of a mobile phone.  It was lovely to see the respect between the two groups of pupils, with all the children speaking clearly and intelligently on the subject.  We’re now looking forward to having a more formal debate next half term.

A Visit from Dr Waheed Arian

We had a very special guest in school today: Dr. Waheed Arian.

Dr. Arian came to talk to pupils in Years 4-6 about how, as a teenage boy, he came to England to seek refuge on account of the war in Afghanistan.  He talked about his dream to become a doctor, what inspired this dream and the determination that led him to succeed.  He also talked about the charity that he has set up (Teleheal) – a charity that provides support and guidance to doctors in countries at war.

The visit was filmed by the BBC as they are making a documentary about the work that Dr Arian is doing.

The children were highly engaged.  They got to speak to Dr. Arian’s nephews in Afghanistan’s capital city, Kabul.  They also asked lots of really interesting questions to Dr. Arian about his life and work.

We feel privileged to have had Dr. Arian into school.  He was a great inspiration for the children, with this best summed up by something he said during his talk: “Dream big. Work hard. Be determined.”

Why learning is so important

Given that our school motto ends with the words … ‘and the main thing is learning’, we make sure that we devote time to talk to the pupils about why learning is so very important, and to give them the chance to express their own views on the subject.

The Campaign for Learning states the following: ‘We know that learning through our lives makes us generally healthier, happier, longer-living and wealthier. Not only do we benefit as individuals, but learning beyond school has wide ranging and immeasurable benefits for our families and communities, society and the economy.’

As we can see, the main thing really is learning!


Careers Carousel

At the Careers Carousel, Year 6 got to find out about a wide variety of jobs that they could do in the future and the pathways that would lead into them.  The pupils were excellent, with many of the advisors commenting on how mature, well-informed and polite they were.  A group of pupils were singled out for asking the most interesting questions.  My personal favourite came when a pupil asked how Brexit would affect one of the company’s future prospects – a mature, well-informed question indeed!

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Digital Leaders this Half Term

Take a look at what our amazing Digital Leaders from Year 6 have been doing around school this half term. They have been really busy!


Helping Year 1 with their English work:






Teaching other children how to code using Scratch




Got to grips with Google Expeditions, so they can run an in-school session with KS2




Worked with children to build obstacle courses and programme Spheros to go through them






Assisted in setting up and running a Google Classroom in Year 6




Helped Year 3 and 4 children hone their word processing skills








On Tuesday, St John Ambulance came in to school to teach Year 4 and Year 5 some core first aid skills. We learned about what to do if we find someone who’s had an accident; the ABC of resuscitation; how to put someone in the recovery position and how to apply a bandage properly. Hopefully, we’ll never need to use any of what we learned today, but it’s good to know just in case! #ss50things.

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