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Why is maths so important?

On Friday, lots of parents came for a short talk about the importance of maths to children’s lives.  After the talk, parents went into classes to take part in a maths lesson with their children.  It was a great event, and we would like to thank all the parents who came for giving up their time.  For those who couldn’t come, the information has been put onto the parents’ pages that can be found on the maths tab on the website.


Research Project

On Wednesday, Mr Lawley went with a maths tutor from Liverpool Hope University to talk to the North West Maths Hub 1 group about research that they had done on children’s learning in maths.  It is great that St Silas takes such a leading role in projects such as this.  We believe that improving teachers’ knowledge of how best to teach is the best way of improving and supporting the pupils’ in our care.  It also shows the importance that we place on learning as a life-long journey.

We are teaming up with Liverpool Hope again to do research into teaching maths at Reception level.  In addition, we are linking with Liverpool John Moores to do research on the involvement of parents in children’s learning and on using PE to improve the health, well-being and development of young children.