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Why is maths so important?

On Friday, lots of parents came for a short talk about the importance of maths to children’s lives.  After the talk, parents went into classes to take part in a maths lesson with their children.  It was a great event, and we would like to thank all the parents who came for giving up their time.  For those who couldn’t come, the information has been put onto the parents’ pages that can be found on the maths tab on the website.


Reasoning Club

Apart from the special ‘Reasoning Club Competition’, this was the last session of the year.  The usual group was joined by some more of our Year 6 pupils, whose maths has improved so much that we felt that they really deserved a place.  They were thrilled to go and coped really well with the work.  This will have given them a great boost for their SATs tests to come.


Research Project

On Wednesday, Mr Lawley went with a maths tutor from Liverpool Hope University to talk to the North West Maths Hub 1 group about research that they had done on children’s learning in maths.  It is great that St Silas takes such a leading role in projects such as this.  We believe that improving teachers’ knowledge of how best to teach is the best way of improving and supporting the pupils’ in our care.  It also shows the importance that we place on learning as a life-long journey.

We are teaming up with Liverpool Hope again to do research into teaching maths at Reception level.  In addition, we are linking with Liverpool John Moores to do research on the involvement of parents in children’s learning and on using PE to improve the health, well-being and development of young children.

Maths – Reasoning Club and CPD

After a morning spent delivering CPD in Years 4 and 5, Mr Dickinson led another Reasoning Club session during the afternoon.  As usual, this was attended by a number of schools, with the work stretching the minds of the young mathematicians who took part.  Here are examples of Lucy’s work from the session.  Well done, Lucy; it looks like you did a great job!

Improving Maths Skills for the Teachers and Pupils

Peter Dickinson has been into St Silas again, leading lessons in Years 4 and 5 during the morning as part of our drive for improving the professional development of our teachers and running the Reasoning Club in the afternoon.

As usual, the morning sessions were attended by teachers from other local schools, with St Silas continuing to provide CPD opportunities to a range of local teachers.  Of course, our pupils also benefit from these sessions, with the activities being both stimulating and highly engaging.

In the afternoon, the Reasoning Club was as busy as we’ve ever seen it, with 57 pupils attending from schools as far as Garston and Wavertree.

Mastery: what does it mean and how can we achieve it?

As part of our commitment to improving Maths through collaboration with others, St Silas hosted a Numicon-based event that was led by Oxford University Press entitled ‘Mastery: what does it mean and how can we achieve it?’

35 delegates from a range of schools attended the event, which aimed to show how Numicon can be used as a resource to support conceptual understanding across the primary age range.

The event was a great success.  We’d like to thank Oxford University Press for working with us.

Reasoning Club

After spending the morning running teacher development sessions in Years 4 and 5, Mr Dickinson was back for another Reasoning Club session this afternoon.  As usual, there were a number of schools attending, with over 30 pupils turning up for today’s event.  Those who did come were challenged with a number of high level questions.  At the end of the session, Mr Dickinson commented on the great resilience that had been shown by the St Silas pupils.  With all the work that we have done on growth mindset, it was a fantastic comment to hear; however, he also told me how impressed he was (as usual) by the maths skills shown by our pupils.

Well done to all involved.